About Infinitus Energy

Infinitus Energy is a revolutionary company, focused on converting waste to recovered raw materials and energy. We specialize in designing, developing, financing, building and operating waste recovery facilities. We produce resources from waste that creates economically and environmentally sound facilities. We are an exclusive operation that offers turnkey facilities that require no capital investment from the supplier of the waste stream. We design the facility around the specific needs and desires of the communities that our facilities serve. From private funding to day-to-day operations, every step and milestone of facility development is included in our approach. Our facilities offer leading edge solutions for environmentally responsible handling of waste, while offering the most fiscally responsible opportunity for the communities we serve to participate- with no investment risk. We know we can deliver on our promises, and we guarantee that to each community.

Infinitus Energy holds to a technology agnostic operating model. This means we customize our selection of technologies on a per project basis. This approach allows us to remain on the leading edge of waste to energy, collection and processing advancements. We are constantly researching, analyzing and implementing the highest yielding, most efficient ways to process waste to develop economical solutions.

At our core is a team of highly experienced individuals that understand all aspects of the development and waste process. We know and do what it takes to get a facility off the ground and the obstacles that need to be overcome along the way.


Kyle Mowitz

Kyle Mowitz Email

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Kyle A. Mowitz is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Infinitus Energy. Mr. Mowitz is responsible for complete oversight and long term strategy for the company. Mr. Mowitz is currently involved in the development, investment and financing of multiple energy and resource projects throughout the United States. These projects include, but are not limited to, Materials Recovery Facilities, Pyrolysis (Tire to Fuels) and Waste to Energy projects. His expertise has been requested at local and global conferences to illustrate the environmental and economic importance of multiple types of renewable energy initiatives. Prior to Co-Founding Infinitus Energy, Mr. Mowitz compiled over a decade worth of experience acquiring, developing and brokering large commercial real estate assets throughout the southeastern United States. Mr. Mowitz was born and raised in Port Orange, FL. He is a graduate of The Florida State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in both Real Estate and Finance with heavy concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Business.

Angel Mendez

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Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

Angel E. Mendez is the Chief Operating Officer of Infinitus Energy. Mr. Mendez is responsible for project execution and delivery, and the day to day operations of the company. Mr. Mendez has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. Mr. Mendez has over 20 years of experience in land development services, including all aspects of civil engineering design, construction management, and project management. His experience includes the design, contract administration and project management for roadways, storm drainage systems, water and sewer systems, earthwork, environmental permitting, project planning and associated development work. Mr. Mendez has been responsible for the development of over 1.6 Million square feet of commercial projects.

Kathleen Yonce

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Chief Business Development Officer

Kathleen Yonce is the Chief Business Development Officer of Infinitus Energy. Ms. Yonce serves as the senior leader in developing new business, identifying and negotiating project development and acquisition opportunities, overseeing development of products and services, working with the Executive staff in strategic planning, and guiding all marketing and public relations activities. Ms. Yonce earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina, and later earned her Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in the Executive program. In the past twenty years, Ms. Yonce has worked on the entitlement and development of over one million square feet of commercial projects valued at over $800 million.

Susan Miner

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General Counsel

Susan Miner is the General Counsel of Infinitus Energy. Her duties include oversight of any and all contractual obligations undertaken by the Company, and management of third party counsel???s efforts on matters related to the Company???s pursuits. Ms. Miner earned her Bachelor of Arts from San Jose State University in San Diego, CA and she earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Cum Laude. Over the course of 35 years, Ms. Miner's transactional practice has focused on the purchase and sale, leasing, development, financing and construction of commercial and agricultural real estate. She has represented, among others, banks, insurance companies, an international construction company and one of the nation's largest operators of assisted living and nursing home facilities. In addition, Ms. Miner served as Idaho local counsel on many large multi-state financial transactions. Ms. Miner is a licensed, active member of The Florida Bar and a licensed, inactive member of the Idaho State Bar. Ms. Miner has been involved with over $2 Billion in commercial transactions.