Infinitus Energy CEO Named One of Waste and Recycling News’ Rising Stars

Kyle Mowitz, Infinitus Energy’s Co-Founder and CEO, was recently honored by the one of the leading industry news outlets, Waste and Recycling News. Mowitz was named a ‘Rising Star’ by the magazine, an award given to up and coming industry leaders and innovators. According to the magazine the ‘Rising Stars’ title is one that embodies some impressive qualities: “We are looking for the leaders ??? and future leaders ??? in the waste & recycling field, those who will guide the industry in the coming decades with their vision, work ethic, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.”

We are proud to see one of our company leaders being recognized and praised for their contributions to the industry.

For those interested in the magazines Q&A with Kyle, the story can be found here, on Waste and Recycling News’ website.