Montgomery Signs Deal with Infinitus Energy for New Recycling Program

The Mayor of Montgomery and Infinitus Energy CEO Kyle Mowitz signed and agreement today that will bring a brand new recycling program to the city. The agreement is for a 25-year partnership that will dramatically alter the way the City handles its waste.

Mr. Mowitz said his company “is really looking forward to the partnership with the City of Montgomery. This is a long-term partnership. We are building a facility here that will recycle up to 95% of the City of Montgomery’s waste stream”.

The program allows City residents to place all their trash in city issued bins. Once collected the waste will be taken to a new facilty where all recyclable materials will be sorted. The facility will be capable of managing up to 210,000 tons of waste each year, and will serve municipalities within a 90 mile radius.

Officials are hoping that recycling is the first step in a multiphase approach which will eventually include on-site energy production as part of its comprehensive solution.